By Sheila Snow

THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC (1993) is the first book that Sheila Snow wrote about Essiac.  Sheila Snow knew and worked with Rene Caisse from 1974 to 1977 and spent twenty-seven years of her life assembling an impressive Essiac archive collection.  Sheila helped Essiac become a household word with the publishing of her article in Canada's Homemaker's Magazine entitled "Could Essiac Halt Cancer?" 

In THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC Sheila Snow stated:

"In 1974 I was introduced to Nurse Caisse, totally ignorant of the controversial work she was involved in.  Before long, she acquainted me with impressive newspaper clippings and letters she had received over the years from both patients and physicians praising her cancer remedy.  As I became more and more intrigued, I found myself returning often to her home to study further these unique testimonials....Impressed by Rene Caisse's genuine concern for what she termed "suffering humanity", her total conviction in the efficacy of Essiac, her refusal to accept payment for treatments from thousands of terminally ill patients she administered to, with heretofore unheard of success, I too had become a believer.  Two and one half years later, I presented my findings to the staff of Toronto's Homemaker's Magazine.  In 1977, after thoroughly verifying my data, it published an article titled, "Could Essiac Halt Cancer?"  [p. 4-5)

"ESSENCE OF ESSIAC is not about Rene Caisse or any other individual connected with this story.  It is about her product:  what it is, what is made of, and what it may do.  The scope of this manuscript is to bring to the attention of my readers the essential elements of this remedy in the simplest of terms and the briefest of texts possible, along with some personal thoughts and observations about the recipe itself.  My hope is, given this primer, others more qualified may be tempted to carry this study further for the sake of "suffering humanity", in the spirit of Rene Caisse."  [p. 7]

THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC thoroughly examines the Essiac formula, detailing the vitamins, minerals and other components of the four herbs.  Read Rene Caisse's own words on how Essiac effects tumors and metastisized cancer [p. 124-5]. 

THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC is out of print and may be available at


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