Did Dr. Charles Brusch know the Essiac formula & recipe?

Was Dr. Brusch's and Elaine Alexander's 8-herb formula the same as Rene Caisse's Essiac tea?

These are very important questions to ask because they have caused--and continue to cause--a great deal of conflict, confusion and concern for a lot of people.  I have had many conversations with Dr. Gary Glum who interviewed Dr. Charles Brusch regarding his involvement with Rene Caisse.  Dr. Glum assured me that Dr. Brusch did not know Rene Caisse's formula and recipe for Essiac tea.  He further indicated that he believed that Dr. Brusch's signature was forged on documents in Elaine Alexander's apparent attempt to market their own version of Essiac tea called "Flor•Essence®", which contained eight herbs.  Dr. Brusch's wife has confirmed this unfortunate situation (see below). 

Sheila Snow knew Dr. Brusch as well and thoroughly researched this question.  In short Sheila Snow & Mali Klein stated in THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY (p. 13):  "Considering Sheila's 16 years' association with Dr Brusch and his wife, and examining the evidence of the letters exchanged between them and with Mary McPherson, we must conclude that we do not believe that Rene ever gave Dr Brusch the Essiac formula.  Therefore we must question any subsequent claims by people associated with Dr Brusch as having access to the original Essiac formula." 

Furthermore, Sheila Snow received a handwritten note from Dr. Brusch's wife, Jane, dated 20 January 1993, which stated:  "Thanks for your note and information.  I am infuriated over all the different things I am hearing.  I can't believe that so many people are using Charlie's name and the things they are coming up with -- old signatures etc -- requests for peoples' records and histories -- all lies.  I turn all these over to our lawyer -- I am dumbfounded.  Hope you are fine, Love, Jane."  Read pages 9 through 13 in THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY and THE ESSIAC BOOK for more revealing information about Dr. Brusch concerning this question.

Sheila Snow and Mali Klein further state in THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY that:  "Dr Brusch apparently became partners with Elaine Alexander in 1988 [two years after Dr. Gary Glum purchased the Essiac formula from one of Rene's former patients], and was claimed to have worked exclusively with Rene for 20 years in perfecting the Essiac herbal formula.  To reinforce this claim, THE ESSIAC REPORT by Richard Thomas has reproduced a legal document signed by Dr Brusch on page 125.  Paragraph 7 exactly quotes Dr Benjamin Leslie Guyatt's public statement of 1940 concerning Essiac, wrongly attributing the words to Dr Brusch over fifty years later....He [Dr Brusch] died on 21 October 1993 aged 85.  Elaine Alexander died on 30 April 1996.  The company they founded was still publishing leaflets as late as March 2000 describing Elaine as 'Today's Custodian of...' and discussing her in the present tense, which has proved very confusing to cancer patients prepared to put their faith in their product.  There is no evidence to prove that Dr Brusch worked with Rene for 20 years." 

Rene Caisse did help Dr. Brusch with experiments on mice at the Brusch Medical Center in Boston for a "brief period" in 1959 but did not contact her again until 1976.  [THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY, p. 12]  The issue of whether or not Dr. Brusch obtained the Essiac formula from Rene Caisse was finally settled when Rene Caisse told Sheila Snow on July 11, 1977:  "I didn't give it [the Essiac formula] to Doctor Brusch and I'm not giving it to anyone else."  [THE ESSIAC BOOK, p. 74]

In THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY the authors thoroughly cover what other herbs Rene Caisse used in her "pharmacy".  This research reveals that Rene Caisse did not use "blessed thistle" or "kelp", two of the herbs included in the "Flor•Essence®" formula and other 8-herb formulas on the internet.  However, Dr. Brusch was a big fan of kelp and wrote to Mary McPherson in 1987 that he was working on "Herb Formula 1 and 5".  He further stated:  "It is mostly 'our own', plus one or two herbs which do not interfere in any way with our formula, but in fact enhance it.  How happy Rene would be."  This letter was written in the year after Dr. Glum had purchased the Essiac formula and had revealed that fact to Mary McPherson.  Mary then officially entered the Essiac formula into the public domain by recording a sworn affidavit in 1994 in the Town of Bracebridge.  Four of the herbs in "Flor•Essence®" are identical to the four-herb Essiac formula that Dr. Gary Glum made public with the release of his video tape and book CALLING OF AN ANGEL in 1988.  Dr. Glum told me that Elaine Alexander got the Essiac formula from him.  Also, Dr. Glum interviewed Dr. Brusch in 1987, several years before he and Elaine Alexander began manufacturing their own eight-herb formula. 

It appears that Dr. Brusch was acting with good intentions when he altered Rene Caisse's formula.  However, it is unethical to market Dr. Brusch's tea as "Essiac tea" because it was not created by Rene Caisse.  However, this does not mean that these eight herbs are not good for one's health.  Indeed, one of the main purposes of this website is to reveal that herbs are a safe alternative to poisonous pharmaceutical drugs.  We all have the natural right to creatively combine herbs to make our own healing teas, etc.  However, few people know about the secret ingredient in Essiac tea that was discovered by Sheila Snow.

It should also be noted that Dr. Glum purchased the Essiac tea formula (for $120,000) from one of Rene's former patients and then gave the formula (free of charge) to anyone who asked him for it.  If Dr. Glum had not purchased and had not publicly released the formula, Essiac may have disappeared forever into oblivion.  Dr. Glum was subsequently (and unlawfully) attacked by the federal government for his generosity.  Unfortunately, Big Pharma controls the federal government through corporate connections and lobbying and Dr. Glum ended up demonstrating that the United States of America has become a fascist, corporate-controlled nation.  I (and many others) have also demonstrated that the United States government no longer follows its own Bill of Rights, Constitution or "Declaration of Independence".  CLICK HERE to read about Dr. Glum's experience.

The Truth about Essiac: 
Rene Caisse and her Herbal Cancer Treatment, ESSIAC


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