DVD:  Essiac -- A Modern Folk Remedy


A video of Mali Klein discussing the traditional and modern usage of Essiac tea on October 14, 2010


"I think that old Essiac did work...there will be a resurgence of interest.  I'm not pessimistic about the long view for Essiac."  Dr. John Barker 1977


"The story of Essiac began over 100 years ago in a small mining camp in Northern Ontario, with an Englishwoman by the name of Mrs. Johnson.  A Native medicine man gave her some herbs to treat her breast cancer.  Many years later she gave the formula to Canadian Nurse Rene Caisse, who went on to develop the four-herb remedy known as Essiac. 

"Another Englishwoman has carried Essiac into the 21st century -- Mali Klein.  Together with her writing partner Sheila Snow, she has authored three books that stand unparalleled in not only the telling of the Rene Caisse story, but in the sharing of a wealth of practical information on how to grow the Essiac herbs and how to make and take the various Essiac formulae.  Book four, THE COMPLETE ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, now culminates this work.  A compilation of the best of the earlier, now out of print works, it also presents new, previously unreleased information from the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive Collection, which Mali inherited and has researched extensively to produce this book and video. 

"Sheila Snow Fraser worked directly with Rene Caisse, and spent nearly three decades documenting the Essiac story.  Her extensive Essiac Archive collection tells a story that is still unfolding." 

Total running time:  1 hr. 30 mins.

CLICK HERE to locate suppliers of Essiac books and herbs to make Essiac tea.


CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video on How to Make Essiac Tea in your own home.


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