Essiac Decoction


Most people are familiar with making tea using a tea bag or tea ball in a cup of hot water and allowing it to steep a couple minutes before drinking.  This type of tea brewing is called an infusion.  Infusions are used to extract vitamins and volatile ingredients from soft ingredients like leaves, flowers, citrus peelings, etc.  Green tea, black tea, peppermint tea and chamomile tea are examples of an infusion.  The short brewing time helps to retain the volatile ingredients while drinking.


However, Essiac tea is a decoction.  A decoction is used to extract ingredients from hard materials such as roots, bark, seeds and wood.  Essiac herbs require boiling for 10 minutes and then steeping for about 12 hours.  The tea is boiled down and concentrated so that water needs to be added before drinking.  The word "decoct" means to concentrate by boiling. 


Rene Caisse stated:  "My decoction is a non-toxic drink made from herbs which are of definite benefit for cancer."  [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC, p. 122-3]


Rene Caisse did not administer Essiac in capsules or as a tincture.  After more than 54 years of experimentation and testing Essiac tea on literally hundreds of cancer patients, Rene Caisse employed Essiac only as a decoction.  The original "old Indian medicine man's" formula was also a tea. 


"The old native medicine man, who was the originator of the formula, boiled and steeped the herbs, Rene did the same.   [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 84]




CLICK HERE to watch the video on How to Make Essiac Tea in your own home. 


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