How long does one gallon of Essiac tea last?


How long one gallon of Essiac tea lasts depends, of course, on how much one drinks every day.  For example, if a person just drank the minimum dosage of one ounce per day, one gallon (128 oz.) would theoretically last about four months.  However, the tea would spoil in the refrigerator before two months are up.  It is therefore better to make the tea in 1/2 gallon batches which should last about one month or use canning methods to sterilize the jars to extend the shelf life outside the refrigerator. 


Some people choose to drink more than one serving of Essiac tea every day.  So, for example, if someone drank three 2 oz. servings (3/4 cup or 6 oz.) every day, one gallon would last about three weeks.  That dosage, however, is more than Rene Caisse recommended.


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