The following email testimonial was sent from a man from Ontario, Canada in March of 2007 to the original webmaster for Health Freedom Info.  The Essiac herbs referred to in this email were the same herbs and formula (including sheep sorrel roots) that was revealed with Mary McPherson's Essiac affidavit.  This email is yet another verification of the authenticity of the Essiac formula that Rene Caisse used.  The name of the person in Ontario who sent this email to Health Freedom Info has been omitted to preserve this person's privacy.


> Thank you for sending the herbs so fast. I've been using Essiac

> for some time now just for general health purposes. I know your herb pack

> is the real mixture of proper herbs because I compared it.

> You see, I live in Ontario, and I have been getting the tea from

> a friend who gets it from a nurse who worked with Rene Caisse. This friend's

> father was treated by nurse Caisse herself for his testicular cancer. He

> has been using the tea for about 30 years. He knows everything about the tea

> (Taste, look, smell). I gave him a bottle of the tea that I made with your

> herbs for comparison. The only real difference he noticed was that my tea

> was a little darker and had more herbs floating in it, which probably

> means I need to get a better strainer and add more water when making the tea.

> I now trust you and thank you for all your work!