What is the Recommended Adult Daily Dosage for Essiac Tea?


 Rene Caisse's dosage for cancer patients


[Note:  This article applies just to people who are using Essiac tea as a treatment for cancer and not necessarily for other ailments or general health purposes.  Also, it is important to remember that Rene Caisse was using the oral dosages below in conjunction with intramuscular injections of a specially filtered sheep sorrel solution, which is no longer done.  CLICK HERE to learn how Essiac tea works on cancer.]


"Remember that all diseases have a life cycle and a rhythm of their own, so follow your own judgement according to what your body is telling you about the dosage it needs."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 46] 


According to Sheila Snow and Mali Klein's research, "It was only when the doctors connected with the Resperin Corporation started working with Essiac that Rene began to advise the dose of one fluid ounce diluted in two ounces of warm water before going to bed." [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 44]   "Rene recommended the 30 ml [one fluid ounce] daily dose for cancer.  Depending on the exact nature and severity of your condition, you may have to consider taking Essiac at this dosage level for a period of up to two years, with 'resting' intervals of perhaps one week off in every four in order to stimulate maximum efficacy of the tea."  "It is our experience that the body seems to resist Essiac at higher doses.  Rene Caisse considered high doses a complete waste of the remedy and risked the possibility of stimulating over-detoxification crises."  [ESSIAC:  Secrets of Rene Caisse's Herbal Pharmacy, p. 113-14]   [However, it should be noted that Nurse Caisse was also treating cancer patients with sheep sorrel injections in conjunction with the oral tea, too, and sheep sorrel root was a necessary part of the Essiac formula to achieve the results she achieved at the Rene M. Caisse Cancer Clinic.  Most Essiac tea manufacturers do not include sheep sorrel roots.]


"Dosage as a remedy for cancer:  Drink 1 fluid ounce/30ml Essiac once daily, diluted with 2 fluid ounces/60ml of hot water.  This should be sipped (like any hot tea), preferably before bedtime and at least two hours after eating.  Food should not be eaten within one hour of drinking the tea."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 37]


"It is very important to use the dosage as recommended, which was based on more than 54 years' experience.  Rene was very concerned about this, which is why she personally administered the dose to her patients.  The herbs are very potent, and in particular Sheep Sorrel can have the effect of enlarging the tumor too quickly, so that it may burst, or a vital organ may be blocked because of its increase in size.  Sometimes the tumors will soften, dissolve into small pieces and be eliminated through the bowel or the urinary tract.  Cancer growths in the breast have been known to become encapsulated within six weeks to three months, and can then be removed surgically with little danger of metastasising in the future.  Cancers of the oesophagus have also become encapsulated and removed cleanly and safely by surgery."


"Depending on special circumstances, very occasionally in her later years, she would sometimes advise an initial dose of one fluid ounce twice daily for the first five, ten or (rarely) thirty days before reducing to one fluid ounce a day.  Rene was always very particular about this because she was aware that sometimes, when patients first began taking the Essiac formula, their tumours might enlarge suddenly as though they were gathering back the cancerous cells that had metastasised.  When that happened, she either gave lighter doses or stopped treatment altogether for a time, to prevent a vital organ from becoming blocked.  It all depended on the nature and position of the tumour.  For example, primary brain tumours rarely metastasise and we have had no reports of this type of swelling when taking Essiac in these cases.  Essiac should never be administered intravenously.  During the early days of Rene's pioneering research, she found that only Sheep Sorrel could be injected intramuscularly as an individual herb."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 38]


"Essiac can have some side effects which might give cause for concern unless they are understood.


a)  swelling--occurs when metastasised cells gather into the primary tumour.


b) cottage cheese effect--resembling curds and clear liquid, occurs as the cancer breaks up and discharges from either the body orifices or from localised cysts or swellings.  A jelly-like substance can also be discharged or coughed up from the lungs.


c) more frequent passing of urine/defecation and other inexplicable discharges--occuring as the body detoxifies.  If the symptoms are severe, with related nausea and pain, stop taking the formula for a few days until all the symptoms have subsided.  When you start drinking it again, take half an ounce every other day, gradually resuming the original dosage.  Remember that all diseases have a life cycle and a rhythm of their own, so follow your own judgement according to what your body is telling you about the dosage it needs.


d) aching 'on site' and headaches, linked to the detoxification process, have been noted as sometimes occurring when taking Essiac after surgery.  Treat as for (c) and drink more water to flush out toxins from the body.


e) fever or chills--sometimes occurring when the Essiac starts working directly on the cancerous cells."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 45, 46] 


 General Information about Detoxification


Over-detoxification may very well be a valid concern for cancer patients who are very ill.  Rene Caisse treated many "terminal" cancer patients whose doctors had given up on them after using chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  Cancer patients are usually subjected to pharmaceutical drugs and the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can be quite debilitating (if not lethal).  During detoxification toxins can be released into the bloodstream after being stored in fat tissue, etc.  It is not uncommon for people to experience some of the effects of these drugs and other toxins while they're being eliminated.  However, it may not be advisable for people with serious ailments to flush toxins out too quickly.


Should this phenomenon occur one can simply drink lots of water to assist in flushing out the toxins.  Under normal (healthy) circumstances I do not perceive that this phenomenon is necessarily a bad thing (aka adverse reaction) because one is now finally getting rid of the toxins that have been stored in the body for years.  Hallelujah!  [I drink at least 1/2 cup of Essiac tea (concentrated decoction) in a mug of hot water every day for health reasons and because I just like the taste of it.  It is one of the first things I do in the morning and I take my time sipping it.]  One can also use a sauna to help flush the toxins out through the skin, provided one drinks lots of water and avoids becoming overheated or dehydrated.  [Caveat:  Saunas are not recommended for some conditions so a doctor's advice may be indicated.]  Burdock (especially the seeds) are known for facilitating detoxification and sweating through the skin, the largest organ in the body.  I went through a 3-week intensive detoxification consisting of some running to jog the toxins out of fat tissue, mega-vitamins/minerals, and several hours every day of sweating in a sauna after jogging.  I experienced this so-called "over-detoxification" phenomenon almost every day.  Although there was some mild discomfort involved when toxins entered my bloodstream and I re-experienced their side-effects, at the end of this program my body was totally clean.  I never felt better in my entire life and my vision even cleared up!  Dr. McCain recommends simply cutting back on the amount of Essiac tea taken daily whenever this "over-detoxification" phenomenon occurs.  From my experience "over-detoxification" is not a problem that drinking plenty of water and sweating cannot remedy.  When one detoxes, the drugs and toxins enter the bloodstream so naturally one could experience one or more of the potential side effects of the drugs/toxins, including reactions such as headache, nausea, depression, dizziness, disorientation, hallucinations (e.g., LSD), etc.  It is then important at that point to drink water and sweat (if possible) to flush the toxins out.  The sweat lodge is still a native tradition and even modern research has shown that body purification promotes and facilitates spiritual growth.  However, it is a good idea in these modern times to consult a competent, naturopathic doctor regarding extensive or intensive detoxification methods, especially in cases of serious illness.   


Rene Caisse said, "People will not stick to the dose I give.  They'll decide on their own-- if a little's good, a lot's better.  That's the way they think."  However, some naturopaths and veterinarians believe that Essiac tea dosages should depend on individual (or animal) circumstances, body weight, etc.  The research of Dr. Marijah McCain shows a different perspective on dosages.  Dr. Marijah McCain reported that one woman with breast cancer drank a quart of Essiac tea every day and successfully conquered her breast cancer.  To learn more about Essiac benefits, safety and dosages read the Interview with Dr. McCain.


Also, in my opinion, we are exposed to a great deal more toxins in our environment compared to the middle of the twentieth century.  Chemtrails and widespread spraying of pesticides and innumerable toxic substances are an example of higher levels of exposure in modern times.  I think we also need to consider that Rene Caisse was primarily treating cancer patients.  Today we know that Essiac tea is good for so much more than just cancer treatment.  It is used by many people (like me) as a general health and well-being tonic and for daily detoxification that is very mild.  I have never experienced any adverse side effects from drinking Essiac tea--even when drinking three cups a day (6 oz. total).  We should also not forget that the individual Essiac herbs have been used as food for a very, very long time.  That's right--food.  Even today the Japanese and an increasing number of Americans are eating burdock root for dinner.  Fancy restaurants offer sheep sorrel salad at high prices.  Native Americans used slippery elm for food and for its health benefits long before the European invasion of this continent.  Many people use garden rhubarb in pies, jams, etc.  However, Essiac tea uses the root of turkey rhubarb--not the stems--and the roots are potent and normally only small amounts should be used.  Chinese Rhubarb could not have been one of the original herbs of the "old Indian medicine man", though, since Rene stated in I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse that the original formula came from "the wilds of Northern Ontario".  It was more likely belonging to the Polygonum genus, and they have been used as food (and medicine) since time immemorial.  "No species of Polygonum are known to be poisonous."  [EDIBLE WILD PLANTS by Elias & Dykeman]  CLICK HERE for more information on this subject.


Can people overdose on food?  Well, just look at the problem of obesity today in America.  I would say that there are far too many people overdosing on unnatural foods such as white bread, candy, sugar-coated donuts, sugar-saturated sodas, etc., as well as overdosing on pharmaceutical drugs.  The rise in cancer, heart disease and diabetes appears to be a good indicator of the prevalence of poor diets occasioned by junk food overdoses.  By the way, sugar and refined carbohydrates feed cancer as well as yeast infections, etc.  The fact that these degenerative diseases have not subsided in our society also demonstrates that pharmaceutical drugs are not the solution to the problem.  In fact, the evidence from the FDA and the drug companies themselves reveals that pharmaceutical drugs are actually making the problem worse.


Therefore, for the above reasons and from my experience and Dr. McCain's experience, I don't think "overdosing" on Essiac tea is an issue of great concern except for people who are too ill to handle mild detoxification.  I think that if more people would trade in their donuts and soda pop for a cup or two of Essiac tea everyday, we'd see an observable rise in the health of America and all other countries who have adopted the Standard American Diet (SAD).  To me, Essiac tea is just good food for good health.  (And since it does not contain any sugar, you will not likely be inclined to drink excessive amounts of it.)  Therefore, I think we should be more concerned about "overdosing" on over-processed, unnatural packaged foods than worrying about drinking too much Essiac tea. 


At the right dosage--and that may vary from person to person--Essiac tea can loosen and normalize bowel movements.  However, if things get too loose one only needs to cut back on the tea until the stools are soft but not too loose.  This ability to normalize bowel movements can be a real blessing to people who have been on low-fiber diets for long periods of time.  There are well-known American herbalists who claim that most illnesses can be remedied simply by a thorough colon cleanse.  I completed a thorough 7-day colon cleanse only to find that I didn't need to do it.  My colon was already clean and normal just by daily use of Essiac tea.  (It took me about a month to recover my strength after that intense 7-day colon cleanse.)


CAVEAT:  When using Essiac for treating cancer it is very important to learn how Rene Caisse used it in order to properly regulate dosage.  To learn how Essiac works click on this link.  The Essiac trilogy of ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY and THE ESSIAC BOOK is necessary to understand how to use Essiac to treat cancer.  These three books are the most researched and documented books available that reveal the secrets of how Rene Caisse achieved her phenomenal results.


Under normal circumstances I think that people just need to experiment a bit to find that daily dosage that is right for them as individuals.  After all, our bodies are all different and the body's needs can change from day to day.  However, in cases of serious illness, I would recommend visiting a competent naturopathic doctor for dietary recommendations.  Let us not forget, though, that many people like me drink Essiac because it is a pleasant cup tea to be enjoyed any time of the day.


"Those who are most intimately involved in caring for a loved one who is seriously ill need to be well themselves.  Taking Essiac as a daily tonic can only help."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 39]


"We all have the right to benefit from Essiac because no one can stop us making it, no one can stop us taking it and no one can stop us deciding how and when we're going to do it."  [THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein, 2006]


"Remember that all diseases have a life cycle and a rhythm of their own, so follow your own judgement according to what your body is telling you about the dosage it needs."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 46] 


Yours in Health Freedom,

Lanny Messinger    


*[CAVEAT:  This web page is for historical and documentary purposes only and not for medical advice or treatment.  It can be very dangerous (not to mention illegal) to inject Essiac tea or sheep sorrel solution and is no longer done.  Even if one could find a medical doctor to inject sheep sorrel, the corporate-controlled medical establishment would most likely take away the doctor's license to practice medicine.  Only pharmaceutical drugs that disable or kill people are allowed by the medical establishment.  See I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse and read ESSIAC ESSENTIALS and THE ESSIAC BOOK for more info.  Drinking the tea, poultices and sublingual methods are safer and are discussed in THE ESSIAC BOOK.  See a competent naturopathic doctor for dietary recommendations in cases of serious illness.]

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