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In a major win for health freedom Australia affirmed the right to use, buy and sell "complementary medicine" such as herbs and supplements. 


The Australian Parliament passed the Therapeutic Goods Amendment (TGA) on February 15, 2018 in spite of the scare tactics of mainstream medicine.  TGA removed restrictions on free speech and allows claims to be made for traditional medicine products and treatments amongst other provisions.


Politics and mainstream medicine attempted to invalidate complementary medicine as being unscientific.  About 400 high profile doctors, medical researchers and scientists had previously joined forces to form the lobby group Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) in order to have "alternative medicine" degrees removed from Australian universities.  They were joined by the Greens party leader Senator Dr. Richard Di Natale and others to incite fear of traditional medicine.  Never mind that traditional medicine has been used for thousands of years without creating any substantial harm.  Dr. Di Natale's platform is "There is no alternative to Medicine"


One of his “concerns” was that people were being “misled” by traditional claims about the effectiveness of complementary medicine. He, and the skeptics, wanted labels on complementary and traditional medicines to state: “This traditional indication is not in accordance with modern medical knowledge and there is no scientific evidence that this product is effective”.


Apparently, not all the "Greens" are behind Di Natale.  Perhaps this is because they are aware of all the pharmaceutical drugs making their way into streams, lakes and rivers and adversely affecting wildlife and ecology.

On the other hand the Minister for Rural Health, Senator Bridget McKenzie, told Di Natale:

“I think it is offensive and disrespectful to those who practice traditional medicine. It’s not consistent with the World Health Organisation.

“We as a country, have endorsed the World Health Organisation position on the role of complementary medicines in the national medicines framework, and this position acknowledges that traditional medicines do have a valid function in the modern medicinal framework,” she said.

“For some, particularly those using Chinese medicine, the history of practising in that traditional medicine paradigm goes back thousands of years. It’s been extensively refined, practised and documented and in many cases incorporated into mainstream medicine. So, a statement required by the Australian Government that the indication is not in accordance with modern medical knowledge and that there is no scientific evidence will be seen as arrogant and insensitive to those practising and using traditional Chinese medicines."

Fortunately, the academic know-it-all science worshippers who serve Big Pharma lost this battle.  And rightfully so.  While they tout their "modern science" they fail to mention that FDA-approved drugs kill over 100,000 people in the US every year.  The American Medical Association (AMA) broke that bad news in July of 2000 in Dr. Barbara Starfield's report:  Is US Health Really the Best in the World?  Most of those statistics applied just to hospitals and does not address the obviously higher number of deaths from drugs outside the hospital.   That would conceivably drive the death toll to over a quarter million people killed every year by Big Pharma drugs.


In May of 2016 U.S. News reported that "Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer, causing at least 250,000 deaths every year."  "Medical errors" do not include legally prescribed, FDA-approved drugs so it's anyone's guess how many people die from mainstrain "scientific" medicine every year.  Add to this the now-exposed "opioid crisis" affecting hundreds of thousands of people and the numbers keep climbing.  According to the the Whitehouse website more than 300,000 Americans have died from overdoses involving opioids since 2000.


Of course many scientific developments in surgical methods, etc, are a welcome addition to modern medicine, but the constant attacks on traditional medicine are unfounded.  It appears that the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry hates competition.  According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80 per cent of the world's population relies on natural therapies.  That's some pretty stiff competition.  Especially since natural therapies "do no harm".



While things are improving down under, the FDA has launched a blatant attack on natural homeopathics that do no harm.  According to Dr. Joseph Mercola:

About 5 million U.S. adults and 1 million U.S. children use homeopathy every year, and the remedies are known to be “generally safe and unlikely to cause severe adverse reactions,” according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.1 Yet, if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues on its latest crusade, this natural health modality may soon be much harder to come by.

In a draft guidance document released in December 2017, the FDA takes aim at homeopathic remedies, or as they put it, “drug products labeled as homeopathic.”2,3 In a reversal of a long-standing decision to treat homeopathic remedies differently from other drugs, the FDA has now labeled virtually all of these products as “new drugs” that are “subject to FDA enforcement action at any time.”

While deaths from drugs like opioids are now a public health crisis, homeopathy has maintained a much lower, and presumably safer, profile. Yet, the FDA is using its limited resources to target the latter, citing a need to “protect consumers who choose to use homeopathic products.” Why now? The FDA also cited a “large uptick in products labeled as homeopathic that are being marketed for a wide array of diseases and conditions,” to the extent that homeopathic products are now a close to $3 billion industry.4

Perhaps that’s $3 billion too much for Big Pharma, FDA’s cozy partner in crime. “[I]n one fell swoop, the FDA has declared that virtually every single homeopathic drug on the market is being sold illegally,” the Alliance forAlliance for Natural Health logo Natural Health USA (ANH USA) wrote5 — and it’s not an exaggeration. In essence, the FDA’s guidance reads:6

  1. Any homeopathic drug that has not been considered “generally recognized as safe and effective” (GRAS/E) is considered a new drug
  2. FDA has not determined that any homeopathic drugs are GRAS/E
  3. A new drug cannot be marketed unless it goes through the FDA’s approval process
  4. No homeopathic drugs have gone through FDA approval nor can any producer afford to take them through the approval process

The FDA then states that it’s proposing a “new, risk-based enforcement approach” and first plans to target the “unapproved drug products labeled as homeopathic that have the greatest potential to cause risk to patients.”

For more information on the FDA assault on homeopathic health freedom read:

Critique of Proposed Regulations of Homeopathic Medicines and Alternative Proposals By Dana Ullman


Reports have been coming in regarding websites that are making false claims about their Essiac products.  In particular it appears that these websites are making false claims about having sheep sorrel root.  Therefore, a bit of shopping advice is in order. 

It was this website, Health Freedom Info, that first published Sheila Snow's discovery on the internet over fourteen years ago.  Sheila Snow had obtained Rene Caisse's letters to and from Dr. Chester Stock at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  Sheila Snow included this information in her books about Essiac

In one of those letters Rene Caisse stated emphatically that Sheep Sorrel Roots are "very essential" to the Essiac formula.  Nurse Caisse further stated that the whole sheep sorrel plant is needed.  That would include the aerial (above-ground) portion of the plant (stems, leaves, flowers and seeds) as well as the roots.  Sheep sorrel roots are very different from the top portion of the plant.  It is almost like it is a different herb entirely.

Here is a quote from another Essiac website that harvests sheep sorrel roots correctly:

"There are only a few websites that claim they include sheep sorrel roots in their Essiac herbs. 


"However, an unethical company could only add a pinch of powdered sheep sorrel roots to a pound of sheep sorrel leaf and legally say that the roots are included.  Obviously, such an insignificant or small amount of root will have negligible effect health-wise. 


"Therefore the only ethical way to prove that roots are included is to state the exact percentage of roots in relation to the total sheep sorrel content and disclose with pictures how the roots are separated from the top of plant.  Essiac tea should contain at least 10% sheep sorrel roots.  That translates to a minimum of 1.6 ounces of roots in every pound of sheep sorrel herb.


"Standard farm machinery cannot accurately separate the roots from the tops.  This can only be done by hand in a labor-intensive, time-consuming effort.  Therefore it is very expensive to grow and harvest the roots.  Due to the high labor costs and smaller root size sheep sorrel roots are more than twice as expensive as ginseng or goldenseal roots.  However, it is not practical or affordable for an organic farmer to employ many workers to hand-trim the roots from the aerial part of the plant.  For this reason you will not be able to find a credible sheep sorrel root supplier on the internet.  It is simple economics.


"Consequently, there are plenty of cheap "Essiac" imitations on the internet.  They are cheap because they do not add sheep sorrel roots (in spite of what they may claim on their website).  Since Rene Caisse stated that sheep sorrel roots are "very essential" to the Essiac formula, they are falsely claiming it is Essiac.


"If sheep sorrel roots are not included in sufficient amount, it is not Essiac."


"We are aware of at least one Essiac website that fraudulently claims to have included sheep sorrel roots.  Therefore they do not tell you how they grow and harvest them and show pictures of their operations like we do. 


"Also, several websites claim that Essiac tea has eight herbs instead of four.  This is false information that has been disproven with legal documentation from Mary McPherson and Sheila Snow." 


CLICK HERE for more information regarding the fraud and disinformation with Dr. Brusch's and Elaine Alexander's tea.



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Mary McPherson's affidavit is the only verifiable, legal evidence of Rene Caisse's Essiac formula. 


Essiac Tea Herbs:  What Was the Original Essiac Tea Formula?








CLICK HERE to find sources for Essiac tea herbs with sheep sorrel roots.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an evolutionary act.”






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