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It is very important to prepare Essiac tea herbs the way Rene Caisse prepared them.  Read below how to properly prepare Essiac tea Herbs and find out why Nurse Caisse followed a specific procedure in preparing Essiac herbs. 



Why Do People Drink Essiac Tea?


I have been studying and using herbs for medicine, good health and good tasting teas since the early 1970s.  I have not found any single herbal formula or remedy that does more to promote general health than Essiac tea.  I began growing organic herbs for Essiac tea after personally experiencing Essiac's health benefits.  I have used Essiac tea to detox harmful pharmaceutical drugs.  I have received testimonials from people who claim that Essiac tea solved their personal health problems and in some cases even saved their lives from cancer. 


Although Essiac tea is historically known for treating cancer and diabetes patients, one does not need to be sick to drink Essiac tea.  Many people drink Essiac tea every day for the same reason that they take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement--that is, simply as a preventive measure to maintain good health.  The herbs in Essiac have been traditionally used for food and health since time immemorial.


I believe that the best Essiac is the kind that you brew fresh in your own kitchen.  Once you brew it a time or two you will find that it is easy to do.  You will also save money by brewing it yourself.  Essiac tea is a decoction, which means that you boil the herbs in water for ten minutes and then let it stand for about twelve hours.  Essiac is not a tincture (herbs in alcohol) and Rene Caisse never administered Essiac in capsules. 


What Is the Authentic, Original Essiac Formula & Recipe?

There are many Essiac tea marketers on the internet with different herb combinations who claim they have the correct formula.  This makes it very confusing for anyone trying to find out what the real formula is.  However, people who offer truly authentic, original Essiac tea use Rene Caisse's formula that Dr. Gary Glum published for the first time in 1988:  Burdock root (arctium lappa), powdered Sheep Sorrel (rumex acetosella), powdered Slippery Elm  bark (ulmus rubra/fulva) and powdered Turkey Rhubarb root (rheum palmatum).  This formula was proven to be accurate when Mary McPherson published the Essiac formula and recipe in an affidavit in 1994.  Mary McPherson was the only person that Rene Caisse trusted to make Essiac for her cancer patients.  CLICK HERE to read "The Truth About Essiac" for more information about Essiac tea.


Sheila Snow, who also helped Nurse Caisse, conducted many years of research and obtained documentation that revealed many of Rene Caisse's secrets. 


Rene Caisse experimented with various formulas but the main formula that she was using before she died was confirmed by her best friend, Mary McPherson, in her sworn affidavit, which was recorded in the Town of Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.


When it comes to serious health issues, doesn't it make sense to use the correct Essiac tea formula and recipe that Rene Caisse used?  One of the reasons for which this web site was created is to help settle the Essiac tea formula controversy by providing the legal proof of the true Essiac formula.   CLICK HERE to view Mary McPherson's affidavit.  Rene Caisse stated:  "If it works, don't change it."   [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 84]


Unfortunately, there are only a few sources worldwide that offer authentic whole herb Essiac tea the way Rene Caisse used to make it.  This whole herb blend is for Essiac connoisseurs who want to get the greatest benefit from their home-brewed Essiac tea by following Rene Caisse's formula exactly.  [Some sources are listed below.]


What is "whole herb" Essiac tea?


Sheila Snow, who knew Rene Caisse and Mary McPherson personally, uncovered evidence that Rene Caisse used the whole sheep sorrel plant, not just the leaves.  CLICK HERE to read what Rene stated about using the whole sheep sorrel plant.  Rene Caisse considered sheep sorrel roots to be an essential part of the Essiac formula and that the tea would not be nearly as effective without the roots.  Also, Mary McPherson specified "sheep sorrel herb" (not just the leaves) in her 1994 affidavit which revealed the correct Essiac formula.  Therefore, Essiac tea without sheep sorrel roots is not authentic Essiac tea and, according to Rene, may not even be effective enough to regress cancer.


One of the reasons why people no longer get the phenomenal results that Rene Caisse did in her Bracebridge, Ontario Cancer Clinic is because "Most people don't include Sheep sorrel root in the remedy."  [See THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein, p. 93.]


From a nutritional approach it is often better to use the whole herb—e.g., leaves, roots, stems, flowers and seeds.  Different parts of plants contain different substances in varying amounts.  The whole herb concept offers more vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, enzymes and other substances that modern science has yet to recognize or discover.  For example, the seeds of many herbs contain a substance called laetrile, which has been reported to be most helpful in the treatment and prevention of cancer. 


Nearly all suppliers of Essiac herbs and formulas use only sheep sorrel leaves and lots of stems as well.  Harvesting sheep sorrel roots, for example, requires more time, expense and processing, plus it kills the plant.  Also, sheep sorrel roots are very difficult to find on the internet.  Consequently, whole herb Essiac costs more to produce.


Where can people get authentic Essiac tea with sheep sorrel roots included?


Unfortunately, there are unethical people on the internet who claim to offer Essiac tea with sheep sorrel roots but in fact the roots are not included and their herbs are cheap and come from internet suppliers known to provide low-quality sheep sorrel, etc.  Others make false claims about what they offer and don't provide the correct herbs and/or in their proper proportions.  There are plenty of people offering cheap Essiac on the internet but it usually boils down to the old adage--"you get what you pay for". 


The sources listed below do provide Essiac tea with sheep sorrel roots included.  The Essiac Circle of Friends provides high quality herbs in the proper proportions including sheep sorrel roots that they grow and harvest themselves.  Their website reveals how they grow and harvest the herbs and why their herbs are of the highest quality available.  (This website,, no longer provides herbs for Essiac tea.)





ESSIAC NORTHWEST:  Authentic Essiac tea herbs with sheep sorrel roots at


HUMBLEWEED  Claiming our birthright to health and vitality by working with nature.  Wholesale and retail sales.


ESSIAC CIRCLE OF FRIENDS  Authentic Essiac tea with sheep sorrel roots  at



In the UK authentic Essiac tea with sheep sorrel roots can be obtained from  Clouds Trust was founded by author/researcher Mali Klein [THE ESSIAC BOOK, ESSIAC ESSENTIALS & ESSIAC:  THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY].



Rev Dr Tilly Chirobokow is an experienced Essiac Therapist at All Natural Therapies in the UK and at the Missionary Genesis II Church of Health & Healing in The Gambia.  Rev Tilly studied under Mali Klein and specialises in treating people with cancer and degenerative diseases using natural organic herbs and minerals.  E-mail:  Tel: UK 0044 (0)7951 488 212  "I am now spending half the year (Nov-July) working with the doctors in clinics, hospitals and out in the bush in The Gambia (Africa) and the other half (July-Nov) here in the UK.  I'm using the Essiac together with other herbs and minerals to treat cancers, Aids, HIV, Diabetes, etc. with great success."




CLICK HERE to read "The Truth About Essiac" for more information about Essiac tea including tips on how to brew it.


CLICK HERE to watch the "HOW TO MAKE ESSIAC TEA" video or click on the video below:



The Essiac Info section and Essiac FAQ section are the most extensive, unbiased sources for Essiac information on the internet.  We do not sell any products.


ESSIAC TESTIMONIAL:  The Health Freedom Info website has received many Essiac tea testimonials over the years.  The author of the following testimonial wishes to "Pay it Forward" by posting it here in hopes that someone else may be helped by her "story of healing and hope".


"My Husband is  65 years old...He we was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer on Jan. 08. There is a story here and I could write a novel, but think it more beneficial to just stick to a summary of what happened and what we did to get past the horrors of cancer.
He had a surgery and 1/4-1/2 of his right lung was removed...They had to break several ribs to do this...a sample was sent to pathology and the report came back to us telling us it was indeed cancer....He was scheduled for chemo and after 6 mo. of insidious treatment was pretty much a vegetable...I have studied alternative health for 30 years so you can imagine the trauma it was to watch and be a part of something so insidious...3 weeks after the last chemo treatment, still another PET scan showed he had 5-6 new tumors in his the same lung...devastation was overwhelming...They told him all they could offer him was more chemo, but he was in such a frightening state of negative  health by then he said no..(actually he said Hell no)...They told him to get his affairs in order and sent him home to die...When all of this started I was too horrified and busy to do any research other than what I had previously known...When it comes to "helping" someone in this field I have found not many are receptive to "Natural health care or cures" ...Anyway I read of a 4 herb tea that had what I thought was a really good record...I bought a pound of essiac and started my Husband on it 2 oz twice a day...we went from eating any and all kids of animal protein to a completely "plant based diet" without exception"....I cannot remember for sure the month (maybe may 09 ) that I called with tears of joy to tell her My Husband's results from a recent test  "there is no detectable cancer" in his body...since then he has had other examinations that agreed with these findings...Today he is a  healthy, Happy man of many interests and pursues them all with amazing strength and focus...He is very much alive and it has been just a little over a year since they found the new tumors, and deemed him terminal... Needless to say my gratitude for this site and the people involved in making the "Real stuff" available to all of us in dire need is great...I constantly seek new ways to Pay it Forward."...Lynda from Oregon [Lynda's last name deleted to protect privacy


"Chemotherapy should be a criminal offense." -- Rene M. Caisse




The purpose of this website is not commercial--It's about restoring our natural Rights & Freedoms.  The federal government has been increasing their Gestapo-like attacks on people with websites who specifically provide Essiac tea and other natural remedies.  They are using the FDA, FTC and other government agencies to attack people who are exercising their natural, human rights.  Consequently, these people must spend tremendous sums of money on lawyers, court costs, etc. to fight a government that no longer recognizes its own Bill of Rights.  People like Jason Vale are still being thrown in prisons for helping people.  These injustices are certainly not limited to the US.  The powers that be are suppressing natural remedies worldwide.  We need to spread the word that there are safe, natural alternatives to harmful pharmaceutical drugs. 


Please do not ask us to diagnose or treat any ailment as this should be done by a competent, experienced naturopathic doctor or nutrition-oriented medical doctor who has personally examined you.  It is important to remember that each individual's body has specific requirements for nutrition.  Therefore, the information offered on this web site is for historical and general information only and not to be construed as medical advice or treatment for anyone. 


The use of herbs and other natural remedies is a natural right.  We assert that each individual human being owns his or her own body--and no government, person or corporate entity has the right to usurp that ownership.  No mere statute or regulation can take away a human right. 


“Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.”  Ezekiel 47:12. 

"We all have the right to benefit from Essiac because no one can stop us making it, no one can stop us taking it and no one can stop us deciding how and when we're going to do it."   [THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein, 2006] 



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ESSIAC QUESTIONS?  For answers to your Essiac questions we recommend THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein.  Please do not ask the webmaster to diagnose or treat any ailment as this should be done by a competent, experienced naturopath or nutrition-oriented medical doctor who has personally examined you.  It is important to remember that each individual's body has specific requirements for nutrition.  Therefore, the information offered on this web site is for general information only and not to be construed as medical advice or treatment for anyone. 


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an evolutionary act.”






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