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Part Three of the HFI "Health & Longevity" series.


Boost Your Immunity

In our last newsletter we revealed how to BREATHE FOR HEALTH & LONGEVITY to DRAMATICALLY ENHANCE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.  In this newsletter we want to direct attention to the top natural remedies to boost the immune system against viruses. 

Due to the world wide attention on the COVID-19 virus many people want to know how to naturally increase their immunity to this and other viruses.  We are now becoming aware of two pharmaceuticals that appear to be helping people with the COVID-19 virus -- Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, or Z-Pac

However, these pharmaceuticals, like most Big Pharma drugs, are not without harmful side effects if used extensively.  Certainly pharmaceuticals have their place in emergency situations but should not be used to replace a healthy diet, supplements, medicinal herbs and natural remedies that have no adverse side effects.

What we are being told is that people who have the worst time fighting off COVID-19 have compromised immune systems or underlying conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc, collectively known as "comorbidities" in COVID-19 reports.  Of course, this can apply to any virus or other pathogen. 

We are also being told that about 80% of people who test positive for this virus have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.  The remaining 20% have more severe symptoms and even a much smaller percentage of people die from the virus.  So the odds of a healthy individual dying from this or any other virus or pathogen is very, very small. 


Every day the mainstream media and government "authorities" are creating an atmosphere of fear by citing increasing numbers of deaths and people testing positive for this virus.  However, the reliability of these numbers are being questioned by many people including medical experts. 

The stress of having to stay home and and lose constitutional rights as well as incomes can potentially compromise our immune systems.  However, a healthy whole foods diet, exercise, prayer/meditation, yoga and deep breathing such as the Wim Hof Method can go along way toward the relief of these stress factors. 

Taking walks in nature also can help along with simply quieting the mind.  It can take some practice but it can be done.  This works especially well when using the Wim Hof breathing technique--or just simply breathe deeply instead of shallow breathing.

It is also helpful to put things in perspective and realize that tens of thousands of people die from common flu viruses every year in the US.  And the mainstream media rarely mentions it.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that as many as 60,000 Americans already died from the common flu this season!  

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that about 100,000 people are killed by pharmaceutical drugs just in hospitals every year (not mentioning how many people died at home from pharmaceutical drugs).  But the mainstream media seldom reports those numbers.  So why all the fear mongering?


In the video below immune system expert Dr Bruce Lipton explains how fear creates stress and that "stress hormones shut down the immune system".



This article demonstrates that all the fear mongering may result in more deaths than Covid-19.  The lesson to be learned here is to realize that this, too, shall pass.  So keep smiling, avoid alcohol and if you're out of work, realize that you can use the experience in a positive way such as spending more time with your family, hobbies, creative endeavors or learning something new.  Learning more about natural health remedies as well as changing your diet and lifestyle choices can have a profound and very positive effect on your life!  One such remedy is the Wim Hof Method which we covered in our last newsletter


"Practicing the Wim Hof Method [WHM] is actually precisely what you want to be doing in these challenging times. For one, WHM breathing wards off stress. Do a couple rounds of breathing, and feel yourself take a sobering step back from all the pandemonium."

"The 2014 Radboud study showed that WHM practice upregulates your immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells and B-lymphocytes. These are the little critters that protect you from foreign marauders such as viruses. WHM practice won’t keep COVID-19 from invading your body, but a strengthened immune system means a bigger arsenal to combat the infection, and therefore fewer and less severe symptoms."

"Now, if you’re not feeling too well, and you’re looking to use the Wim Hof Method to fight off the infection: do not do the cold training parts of the method. When you’re sick, your immune system has its hands full just fighting off the virus. If you then expose yourself to the cold, you add another stressor, forcing the immune system to divide its capacity and fight a war on two fronts. We all know how that worked out in the past."

"Furthermore, please don’t see Wim Hof Method practice as an adequate substitute for medical treatment. If you exhibit symptoms associated with COVID-19 (a dry cough, fever), seek medical attention and follow the directions of your local health authority."

"Everybody can benefit, so be proactive in recommending the WHM to friends and family. The Wim Hof Method is very accessible and we offer many avenues for practice. There is the free app available on the Google Play and Apple stores; the guided breathing bubble on YouTube; and our free MiniClass. This is a great moment to fire up your video course and rekindle your WHM practice."

"Stay strong, stay happy, and stay or get healthy. -- Wim & the WHM team"

In a recent interview Wim Hof explains how his deep breathing technique can handle the COVID-19 virus.  In this interview Wim Hof also states:  "These breathing exercises, they exercise the body, the vascular system, more than somebody who is running....We are doing right now the study on the DNA with the San Francisco University with top researchers of the world right now.  It's almost finished, almost done on the DNA.  It has absolute great influence on the DNA and the longevity of your life, the span of your life.  That's the telomeres and we got that already."


Health freedom advocate Jon Rappaport quotes the CDC's and WHO's own words regarding the accuracy of these coronavirus tests.  He discovered that their own diagnostic tests are not at all accurate, resulting in untold numbers of false positives and false negatives.   Click on the following link to read what he discovered:


Have you noticed that the government "authorities" and mainstream media focus on Big Pharma drugs?  Why don't they talk about how to boost the immune so you don't get sick from any virus or other pathogen?  Do they ever mention anti-virals and immune system boosters like VITAMIN D, VITAMIN C, ZINC, SUNSHINE, ELDERBERRIES, ESSIAC TEA or other natural remedies as preventive measures? 

The marriage of Big Government with Big Pharma is a sacred monetary cow so nature's free remedies as well as Vitamin D, C and Zinc supplements are seldom mentioned in the recent government briefings.  However, to be fair the president recently mentioned in a briefing that zinc is helpful for COVID-19.

We will cover some of these natural anti-viral remedies in upcoming newsletters.   But for now here is the #1 thing to do:


We are being told that most of the COVID-19 deaths were people with comorbidities--That is, they were already weakened by heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc.  In other words, the gun was already cocked and loaded.  The virus apparently just pulled the trigger.  However, Dr Annie Bukacek, MD has exposed how the CDC is manipulating the COVID-19 death toll.

Presumably, the 63,000 flu deaths reported this season by the CDC were also due to underlying health problems as most people get through the flu unscathed (though it may be unpleasant).

So the question now becomes--How does one prevent these "comorbidities"?  The number one answer to that question is sugar and fructose.

Fructose is fruit sugar and is also in vegetables such a corn.  High Fructose Corn Syrup is in many packaged products.  These products often contain different forms of sugar under various names.  Therefore, one has to read the product labels for ingredients and this also applies to many certified organic foods. 

In the video below Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods.  He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) are the cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin.


Dr. Lustig and his team of researchers has also proven that sugar and fructose are the main causes of heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver disease and tooth decay as revealed in the video below.  He also has shown that sugar and fructose are also associated with cancer and dementia.    There is so much information from other credible sources that it is now considered common knowledge that sugar can cause cancer.  Alzheimer's is now considered to be "Type 3 Diabetes" by natural health doctors and professors.



"Essiac's primary function appears to boost the immune system and stimulate feelings of well-being in whoever is using the tea, as well as possibly providing some general remedial value in treating cancerous conditions.  Considering this, Essiac may have some beneficial effect on any cancer, both primary and metastatic, depending on the individual person."  [Source]


"If I stretch a point, and call the immune system an organ (it isn't really; it could be thought of as several organs working together), I can fit this miscellaneous effect into the organ section. Essiac stimulates your immune system and tonifies it, which is only subtly different. A well functioning immune system can expel cancer from the body; This is the normal state of affairs. Cancerous cells come and go all the time, and your immune system is the main reason you never notice most of them."

"The Typical Modern Agribusiness Highly Processed Diet (TMAHPD) insults your immune system in at least three ways: 1) Herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in your food (and in the air) short circuit the immune system fairly directly, 2) Low nutrient levels- minerals mostly- don't allow your immune system to function as well as it can, and 3) Genetically modified ingredients can confuse your immune system, causing it to give up when it needn't and to overwork when it shouldn't. These effects can lead directly to runaway cancer growth. The increase of genetically modified "food" in the TMAHPD is already leading to a rise in cancers, most notably in children. This will only get worse if it is allowed to continue."

"Essiac tea will work better if you honor this synergy by eating health-giving foods, drinking plentiful water and trying to keep a strong (not necessarily positive) attitude. Working with your body to encourage healthy, normal function can be a bit more complicated in concept, but it is also cheaper and more empowering than the conventional medical model. Most important is to learn everything you can about how to use Essiac and apply what you have learned moderately and consistently."

"One crucial point is that these mechanisms will not show positive results in laboratory tests against cancer cultures. An herb which stimulates the immune system, for example, will only show results if tested on an actual immune system. In the absence of extensive clinical trials, Essiac tea has to rely on word of mouth and anecdotal evidence, which allows it no respect in the mainstream scientific world view. People who have tried Essiac tea usually know better." [Source]


The good news is that "Alternative Medicine" is now "The New Mainstream"  according to a recent Time Magazine issue.  The irony is that so-called "Alternative Medicine" was originally the mainstream medicine, now sometimes referred to as "folk medicine" or "traditional medicine". 

For thousands of years people used Nature's healing remedies because they new what worked based upon real experience.  That experience was passed on to future generations by word of mouth. 

The same word of mouth experiences regarding the healing power of Nature blossomed in the 60's & 70's with multi-levels such as Amway and Shaklee.  With the carrot of becoming wealthy with a home business, Americans began eagerly learning about vitamins, minerals, herbs, organic foods and a healthy diet (even though only a few became wealthy).

In spite of the disinformation put forth from Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Medicine over the past sixty years, people have discovered that Nature is the answer to real health.


Google Censorship

Future HFI Newsletters:  For many years Health Freedom Info ranked very high on Google's search engine.  For example, on the search term "Essiac tea" our web page entitled "The Truth About Essiac" was at the top of the first page of Google!  It is now hidden on the 14th page of Google! 

Likewise, on the search term "health freedom" we were on the second page of Google and now we are nowhere to be seen.  Unfortunately, nearly 90% of the world uses Google so visits to our website dramatically dropped off when Google changed their algorithms last year.  Many other websites also suffered greatly from Google's censorship (which also includes YouTube).

We recommend that people censor Google and use much better and unbiased search engines like Qwant or Duck Duck Go.


“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an evolutionary act.”






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