One Doctor's Experience with Nutrition in the Treatment of Cancer Patients

By Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D.

Here are the success stories of cancer patients who have used nutritional therapy.  Many of them have been told by their doctors that their condition was terminal.  Now, years later, they are alive and well!

Dr. Binzel has been using Laetrile and other nutritional therapies in the treatment of cancer patients since the mid 1970s.  His record of success is astounding.  He tells of his ongoing battle with the medical establishment, but this is primarily the story of his alive-and-well patients, many of whom did not expect to survive their disease.  Medical case histories are included. T

In 1974 Dr. Binzel began to investigate the role of nutrition in human disorders and came to the conclusion that this was an important field of knowledge.  Cautiously, he began to incorporate that knowledge into his medical practice and, based on personal experience, developed a highly effective protocol for the treatment of a wide range of disorders, including cancer.

This led him into conflict with mainstream medicine which continues to remain oriented toward drugs, surgery, and radiation.  He has been forced to fight for the right to practice medicine in accordance with his conscience.  He has chosen to do what he feels is best for his patients, regardless of pressure to conform to the narrow limits prescribed by orthodoxy.

Dr. Binzel is now officially retired but occasionally consults with patients and their physicians, usually without charging a fee for his service.

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