Essiac is rapidly becoming a household word when it comes to alternative cancer treatments, natural diabetes therapy, detoxification, immunity and a general health tonic.  Essiac tea has earned a reputation as a safe nutritional approach to cancer and diabetes therapy because the herbs used in the Essiac formula have been eaten safely as food since time immemorial.  However, one does not have to have cancer or diabetes to drink Essiac tea.  Essiac tea is now taken on a daily basis by many people for the purpose of maintaining good health and for preventive measures against many common ailments.


CLICK HERE if you wish to learn more about the herbal formula known as "Essiac".  If Essiac is new to you, I recommend that you start by reading the "Rene Caisse and her Herbal Cancer Treatment, Essiac" article. 

If you are already familiar with Essiac or if you are wanting to learn about the health benefits of Essiac, I recommend reading the "Interview with Dr. Marijah McCain." 

If you want to learn about what happened to Dr. Gary Glum when he publicly released the Essiac formula, then read the "Dr. Glum, Essiac & the Antidote for AIDS" article. 

If you want to hear Rene Caisse's story in her own words, read "I Was Canada's Cancer Nurse."

ESSIAC FORMULA & RECIPE:  CLICK HERE if you wish to learn the Essiac formula, see the Essiac formula documentation or learn how to make Essiac yourself.  CLICK HERE to view the only documented evidence of the Essiac Formula & Recipe, the affidavit sworn by Mary McPherson of Bracebridge, Ontario.  Mary McPherson was the only person that Rene Caisse trusted to brew her Essiac tea for her cancer patients.  For additional tips on brewing Essiac tea read "Rene Caisse and her Her Herbal Cancer Treatment, Essiac".

BUY ESSIAC TEA:  CLICK HERE if you wish to purchase the herbs to make Essiac or learn more about the Essiac tea herbs. 

ESSIAC FAQ:  CLICK HERE to find answers to frequently asked questions about Essiac tea.

GROW YOUR OWN ESSIAC TEA:  CLICK HERE If you want to grow your own Essiac tea herbs.

ESSIAC QUESTIONS?  If you have specific questions about Essiac tea that are not covered on this web site, feel free to email me by clicking on the CONTACT US link.  Please do not ask me to diagnose or treat any ailment as this should be done by a competent, experienced naturopath or nutrition-oriented medical doctor who has personally examined you.  It is important to remember that each individual's body has specific requirements for nutrition.  Therefore, the information offered on this web site is for general information only and not to be construed as medical advice or treatment for anyone.




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